CA team 2019

Muhammad Asaduallah

As a speaker, Asad has broken at both WUDC and EUDC. He is a Euros finalist and top ten speaker. He is a finalist and top ten speaker of both Oxford and Cambridge IVs. He has won seven competitions, including LSE Open 2018 and Imperial Open 2016 and 2017.

As a judge, Asad has judged the EFL semi-finals at WUDC 2017, the open final of Cambridge IV 2016, the ESL semi-finals of Australs 2018 and the quarter-finals of Asians 2017. He has been on the CA team of over 10 competitions, including Cambridge Open 2016, Estonia Open 2017, and Imperial Open 2018.

Duncan Crowe

Duncan Crowe is a debater from Scotland who was Chief Adjudicator along with Olivia Sundberg Diez of the 2018 European Debating Championships in Novi Sad. He has made the European and Worlds Grand Finals as a speaker and the Worlds Open, ESL and EFL Finals as a judge. He was the winner of the Spanish-Language WUDC 2018 Masters Championship in Mexico.

Gigi Gil

– 35+ CA ships including DCA EUDC 2018, CA LSE Open 2018, CA Oxford IV 2018
– 10+ wins or top speaker positions including Cambridge IV (ESL, 2nd Open), Berlin IV and Paris Open
– 50+ speaking breaks including ESL final and Open PDQs at Tallinn EUDC and Cambridge Open final 2018

Olivia Sundberg

Olivia was a Deputy Chief Adjudicator for Tallinn EUDC 2017 and is a Chief Adjudicator for Novi Sad EUDC in 2018. She has also been a Chief Adjudicator at 45 tournaments across Europe, has broken at EUDC as a judge and chaired multiple out rounds throughout Europe, including at the Oxford IV. As a speaker, Olivia has won and been best speaker in fifteen tournaments, and broken at over 30 as a speaker, including breaking 6th at Vienna EUDC 2015. Olivia is Spanish, loves Barcelona, and is incredibly excited to be part of the team for the Barcelona Open!

Pablo Molins

And our tab person is Pablo Molins!!!

He started debating at the tiny Computer Scientists debating community and has already tabbed many tournaments in the past. As a speaker, he was last year’s BCN Open EFL winner, CMUDE 2018 finalist, and winner of two Spanish national tournaments.