Open 2019


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After the success of Barcelona Debating Open 2018 we are willing to repeat the feat and establish it as one of the must-go tournaments in the European British Parliamentary debate circuit. Barcelona Open Open 2019 will count with experienced debaters among its organizers and is glad to be backed by one of the most distinguished CA teams in the world, the best warrant of high-quality level in the competition.

The Org Comm will be very happy to welcome you all in Barcelona during the weekend of April, 5-7, 2019. The tournament will take place at Universitat Pompeu Fabra, at Ciutadella Campus.

The tournament will consist of 5 rounds of 7 min speeches and break to Semifinals, and an Open Final and a EFL Final (in accordance with our will to promote English BP debate among non-native English speakers).

Format: BP (British Parliamentary)

– 100 euros with accommodation at crash or hostel.
– 50 euros without accommodation.
– 35 euros for n-1 judges

All the meals are included, as well as the socials.

CA team: Muhammad Asaduallah, Duncan Crowe, Gigi Gil and Olivia Sundberg.

Tab: Pablo Molins

Team cap: 112
Team cap per society: 4
N-1 applies

Applications: fill in the following link

Payments: transfer to ES3631400001900012120300

Payment deadline: February, 20th

Provisional schedule:

13:00 – City Tour
15:00 – Workshops
17:30 – Welcoming ceremony, registration
18:30 – Round 1
20:00 – Dinner
21:00 – Social

9-9:30 – Registration and breakfast
10:00 – Round 2
12:00 – Round 3
14:00 – Lunch
15:30 – Round 4
17:30 – Round 5
20:00 – Dinner
21:00 – Social and Break Announcement

9:30 – Registration and breakfast
10:00 – Open Semi-finals
11:30 – EFL Final
13:00 – Lunch
14:00 – Open Final
16:00 – Closing ceremony

The registration process consists of four steps:

1. Fill up team registration form (one form per team):

2. Carry out the registration fee transfer to ES3631400001900012120300
and send a proof of payment to

3. Register your judges (n-1) (one form per university):

4. Carry out the judge fee transfer to ES3631400001900012120300
and send a proof of payment to

See you in Barcelona!