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Jordi París Domingo, Convenor. Jordi started to think about Barcelona Open some time after getting into the debating world in 2014. He is one of the founding members of Barcelona Debating Society and was aware of the need of a tournament in Spain inside the European circuit. He has taken part in some European tournaments as a speaker and has also judged university and high school competitions in Catalonia. He is determined to make of this tournament one beyond expectations.


Darian Heim, Public relations. Darian started debating at Erasmus Debating Society in 2012. Since then, he has been committed to spreading debating around the places he has lived in. In Switzerland, he launched the Swiss Debating Society (2015), and in Spain, the Barcelona Debating Society (2014). He works on the establishment of an English-debating tradition in Spain and he is the voice of the Barcelona Open when talking to public and private institutions for funding and support.


Carlota Noguerol, Communications. Carlota is one of the most active Spanish debaters in the European Circuit. This last year she has participated in almost 15 international competitions, including this year’s EUDC. She was a finalist in Lisbon Debating School 2017, and a Semifinalist and Top 10 speaker in Centrale Open 2016. As an active speaker in both European and Spanish circuits, she is really looking forward to helping as much as she can to make the first English competition in Spain as great as it can be.

Cecilia Retana, Sponsorship. Cecilia got into the world of debate through BDS at UPF during the 2nd year of her double degree in Law and Business Administration. She believes that debating is not only useful for her future career but also to grow personally since it helps to develop and improve communication skills. She has taken part in several university debating competitions and she will do all she can to make Barcelona Debating Open 2018 a success and an unforgettable memory for all participants.