Org Comm 2019


Julián Enciso, Convenor. 

Born in Sweden, and from Uruguayan descent, he moved to Spain at an early age. He got involved in the society at the beginning of 2018, when he was in the middle of his second year of International Business Economics, and became the President of BDS shortly thereafter. Nevertheless, that was not the first university degree that he had started; he has been a percussionist since he was a child, which prompted him to begin a Bachelor in Music at ESMUC (Escola Superior de Música de Catalunya) in 2013, which he finished in June 2018. He still combines his activities as a freelance musician with his passion for economics, debating and languages.

Jordi París

Jordi started to think about Barcelona Open some time after getting into the debating world in 2014. He is one of the founding members of Barcelona Debating Society and was aware of the need of a tournament in Spain inside the European circuit. He has taken part in some European tournaments as a speaker and has also judged university and high school competitions in Catalonia. He is determined to make of this tournament one beyond expectations.

Ferran Armengol

When asked about becoming the new treasurer he answered, why not? This catalan guy never refuses the oportunity to envolvenin new projects and BDS has been one of his since 2017. Currently studying International Business Economics and really interested on politics, history and business; he provides a new socioeconomic vision to the group.

Guillem Oliva

Guillem got into debating through BDS during the 2nd year of his International Business Economics degree at UPF. For him, debating is just the perfect complement to his finance-oriented education. He believes that, through debating, everyone can develop themselves both personally and professionally. He has taken part in European debating competitions and really encourages you to take the chance, get involved and open yourself to such an amazing experience. You won’t regret it.

Minerva Estruch

Born in Badalona, Catalonia, Minerva has studied an undergrad in International Business at the University of Barcelona and is currently enrolled in a Master in International Relations at IBEI. She has lived in Brussels both as a student and as a junior professional, a turning point that made her realise she wanted to deepen her understanding of politics. This is her first year in a Debating Society, which has been very enriching so far. Beyond that, Minerva is a passionate language learner and a lindy hop and swing lover.

Enrico Trevisani

Originally from Texas, Enrico is studying Political Philosophy at Universitat Pompeu Fabra here in Barcelona. Before entering the world of British Parlimentary Debate, Enrico competed for the University of Arizona Mock Trial program. This past April at the American Mock Trial Association National Championship, Enrico was tied as the highest-ranking collegiate attorney in the United States! When he’s not competing, you can find Enrico reading the news or making music with his friends. After graduating, Enrico hopes to attend law school in the U.S. and aspires to one day become a trial attorney.