School debate


‘Let’s debate!’, a social project for secondary schools


We seek to empower the students of Spanish secondary schools offering them tools to develop themselves personally and professionally. With our project “Let’s Debate”, we aim at making them realize that they can speak up and do so with convincing speeches, that they can connect with others speaking English and that they are encouraged to challenge and improve today’s society.

“Let’s debate” is a project sponsored by Fundació Jaume Bofill that needs the support of the community in order to become a reality. If you think, as we do, that “Let’s debate!” can be beneficial for our youth as well as for the democratic health of our society, you can contribute by donating in our crowdfunding page:

The purpose of the crowdfunding project is the creation of an open-access debating manual adapted for high school students that will help teachers implement this activity in their schools. As a part of the project and thanks to the raised funds, we will teach English debate at INS Barri Besòs during the first half of 2018.

If you are part of a high school and would like to introduce your students to this activity, please send us an email for further information. We already taught a successful Debating Masterclass to ISCAT students recently and would love to extend the reach of English debating to other schools.

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